About us

You will find us at the true heart of Plitvice Lakes National Park, in the village Plitvica, named after the brook carrying the same name, which is only 200 meters away from the house. The house is located besides the lower lakes, and it takes only a 15 minutes walk to reach the Great waterfall, the greatest waterfall of the Plitvice lakes. From the top of the waterfall, a hiking trail takes you to the bottom of the waterfall, further on taking you towards Kozjak, the central Plitvice lake.

Here you can rest a bit, freshen with a drink, eat some good Lika specialties and finally buy the entrance ticket for the National Park, which you are required to have in order to be able to look around Plitvice and ride the tourist boats and trains.

Links on our website suggest also some hiking tours, so you can decide which one to choose depending on their length as well as the time you have to finish its. Here you can also find some links to sites describing the biking tours, if you are planning a two-wheel siteseeing.