Villa Sumrak is a family run Bed&Breakfast suitable for a pleasant stay for up to 25 people, in all seasons. It is surrounded by meadows, medium sized mountain peaks and pristine forest. The air is rich with oxygen, and the deep silence is only occasionally interrupted by the sound of the running water from the Plitvica stream. This is an ideal destination for a getaway from everyday city life. Due to our geographical position and elevation of over 600 meters, after even the hottest summer days come cool nights that make perfect sleep possible. Our property also features a lovely outdoor common area where we serve breakfast on your request. As the Sumrak family we’ve been taking care of our guests since 2012 and we will gladly be of service to you as well, making sure your experience of the NP Plitvice Lakes is the best possible one. Given that there are many landmarks in the region we recommend staying for at least 2 days.